Monday, January 7, 2013

KG PV finally out!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi guys really sorry for the lack of update for the last few days!!
as i was really quite sick and busy.. and did not feel like taking pics..

But i am back for good :)
So i am back to sharing with you my life journey :)

so i bought some korean tea tree oil masks to try out :)

since i ran out of my masks..

if can i will do review on this too! :)
And finally KG gyaru love PV is OUT!!!!!!!!! >.<

love this!!!!!! <3333333333333333 i wanna be like those girls inside >.<!!!!!!!!!!!

Boyfie's dog so cute!!!!!!!!!!

wanna snap snap him but so naughty he run away :((

his fur so nice to touch!!!!!!! :)
So that is all for now byebye<333333333


  1. You should do a review
    about these masks c:
    I hope you feel better