Friday, January 18, 2013

Embrace the happiness around you

                               Photo: Don't be unhappy because god will have more awesome plans for you in life


As i am still down abit.. But i believe that God will have more awesome plans for me in life. :)
so i am so looking forward to all these..

Damm my camera is down now... hais cant really take nice pictures..

And i am so distracted these days... because of some really bad memories..i cant seems to let go and forget..

                               Photo: ☺☺ basking in sunlight happiness

                                  Photo: morning !!! No edit here

anyway i am back to blogging daily ...
i bought a new pair of lenses yesterday and was quite happy with it :))

Big eye barbie in grey!!!
so tada!!

i will do a review on this if i can ... :))

And i bought a new white elegant and sexy dress too


waiting for its arrival!! >.<

gonna start my MST revision soon today.. yesterday my jap test was really crappy for me as i was really upset with myself..

i know i should let go since so many people can do it i am sure i can too!! :3
so that is all for now byebye <33333333

So that is all for now!! :))

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