Saturday, April 21, 2012

casual shots X volcanic ash soap bar review

Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!! Recently, alot of things have been going through my mind..

and i could not focus with my school work..

tomorrow i will do my school assignments.. and i just completed my japanese homework

and one reall good news is that i managed to buy okarie ank rouge book!
and i am gonna share with you all the contents really soon! >.<
excited not???!!

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next is a review on my facial soap

requested by my reader liz!!!


note: picture is not taken by me .. but it is what i am using because mine has no cover already
this soap is really mild and gentle to skin, there is no smell in it... and it managed to last me very long.
and japanese people like to us it during their onsen too!
good for keeping moisture balance and fights spots too!
the price is affordable! :D
i will buy it again the next time after i finished using my new facial foams.

further queries

that is all!
i hope this answered your query!

bye bye!

comments replied!


  1. yay i am using same product. you look so cute!!!!

    1. to carriza: ^.^! thanks!!!! you are cute too

  2. Oh wow! That's so cool! :D
    Thanks for the review~
    You look so beautiful by the way and I really like your new header! ^_^

    1. to liz: you are most welcome! <3
      thanks! you are beautiful too!! ^V^

  3. You have a really adorable face! X3 The soap seems interesting, too..!

  4. to rinnie: thanks!! you are adorable yourself too!!! ^.^ yea soap is nice to use ! hehhe