Monday, April 23, 2012

useful newsfeed?

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hi all! do you know that jelly models are actually starred in PV!
 and some are even singers too!!!

so here are some nice videos they created!!

omg! so nice right??...

by the way i bought this! new design of luminous lashes!! gonna try this and do a review on this soon!
eggicited or not???!!!

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hehhe i found a new japan product K-palette product just released in market!


gonna try this soon!~~~

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are you all interested to try this out too???

hehe for dark circles coverage + dryness around eye areas!!!

2 in 1!!!!!


by the way! a new egg beauty magazine was just released and
NEMOYAYO is the cover girl!
but sadly i did not buy this!
because i slightly browsed through it and felt that their make up was simply too much
for me!~!

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ok so that is all!

love you all so much!
thanks so much for reading!!!



  1. Uwah~ If only I could sing... ( - 3-)/
    Pretty lashes, I wish that I could apply wishes usually! >U<
    K-Palette is meant to be really good brand right? You're making me so interested! ^3^
    Cute magazine too! ^^

    1. to josephine: hehhe.. yes! k-palette is really ya good japanese brand i like it's eyeliner!! :DD