Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Health tips! X okarie new's beauty book

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Remenber  in my previous post, i mentioned that i will be sharing
with you all some health tips from the health magazine i just bought??

tada!! here is the magazine!!

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so inside...

this is the first page that really caught my sis and i's attention!!

this page show which area of your face got acne means which inner organs got problems

so scary..

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some whitening and facial spots clearance facial massage!

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next up is some tips to help improve bowel movement
to cure bloatedness...

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so here is another tip

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when you wake up in the morning, in an empty stomach
drink a cup of warm water to clear your intestines, this also helps to improve
bowel movements too!

a very effective method for me!!

i tried this already!!

another tip if you are not getting enough exerxise is that

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next up is okarie just published new beauty book!

sadly it is only available in japan only T.T


so here it is!!

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isn't she so adorable!
but sadly i totally dont suit her make up at all!
it is way too thick for me T^T
but i really love her!!!

so that is all !
hope you all like this!!


  1. okarie is cute as always!!! Her make up is so beautiful!!!! but I don't suit her make up too because I prefer natural make up ^^

    1. to crystal: yup totally agree that okarie chan is so kawaii!!>.< but way too thick for us daily T..T

  2. >_< I wish I was as cute as Okarie-chan!~ :(