Sunday, April 1, 2012

random picas part 2 X ( soulja X nuts models PV)

Hi everyone!!!

so today gonna be a post on random picas that i found on my facebook account!!

                        1st pic so so sweet right???? i wish me and my elmo can take this kind of pic too...
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2nd pic ( super cute and hilarious!)
Do you girls put there does this?? LOLS!!
honestly i never did this before... >.<
because i will feel sad for the flower T.T

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3rd pic

about jerks and bastards >..<

Hmph!! i hate this kind of thing!!
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4th pica.. funny!!
pretty babes with super big buttocks!!!

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Next is some japanese fashion pics!!

Gosh! i love their hair and make up!
super kawaii and harujuku style right???

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Fancy such a kawaii drinks machines in your country??
                                     T.T sadly mine doesnt have one of such...
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oh such a nice hair bow!!
i want too!!!

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Lastly, i found a soulja PV featuring  really pretty NUTS models!! (ENVY!)

so here it is..!
the song is not bad too!!

hope you all enjoy!!



  1. the first part was really funny and then some cute stuff after. thanks for sharing :)

    1. to carizza: hehehe glad that you like this sharing! >.< welcome!!!