Friday, April 27, 2012

japanese beauty website! X bambi series princess almond lense review!

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hello readers how are you all?

:D i hope you all are fine!!!

sadly, today was a bad day for
me i did the wrong question for my homework and had to skip one lecture to do it!
and realised that i have not done my tutorial too and i need to rush it during my precious break!
>.< and got shouted by at the printer guy and embarassed myself infront of many others. and a guy
asked me if i am year 1 when i am in year 2 !
what an insult right??!

hopefully this dont happen again!! please!
today i am gonna share with you all one of my favourite japanese website
that i like to visit

so here is the link :D

do check this web out and navigate the links
and click and find the beauty section!!!
they teaches how to do really simple, nice makeup and hairstyles!

and today i am gonna share with you all
my current favourite lense!

bambi series- princess almond!

loving it

effects:5/5 very natural looking!
diamater: 5/5 14.5mm :D just nice for me! not too big or too small :DD
price: 3/5 affordable, although it is slightly more pricy than the normal others?
comfort level: so far it is very comfy for me no dizziness no red eyes yet and i have been using them for long hours daily! :D

will i buy again?

yes!! of course!! really love these!!! >.<

camwhore picas >.<

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so that is all for today! <333333333

love you all again!! >.<


  1. Aw sounds like a rough day :( I always get mistaken for younger >.< Maybe it's because you're so cute! :D
    The lenses look great btw! Really natural.

  2. to sheri: heheh thank you! ^W^ you are cute too! >.<

  3. strange my bambi allmond make 15 mm ><"

  4. Aww, it's alright; we all make mistakes!! ^^
    Thank you for sharing a cute site, and those lenses are so cute! >U<
    Haha~ I also camwhore - it's alright ! ^3^

    ( )

  5. Aww, it's okay :D
    It always gets better :)