Saturday, April 7, 2012

Contact lenses warning!

Hi all!

today gonna be about a really GROSS post!

i am not trying to scare you all but i really need to share with you all about this really
serious issue here!!

it is about puffy three tones contact lenses!

actually i do not intend to blog about this but it has been happening not only to me but also others too!!

and it happened to me tiwce!!

so after reading some blog posts about this incident i decided to blog about this too!

so here is the pair of defective lense that i am talking about!

i bought the grey ones..

and last time the green ones.. both harmed my eye..

these series comes in 3 colours ( green, brown and grey)

and not surprisingly the brown ones are defective too i knew this from one of the other blogger ..
there are links below..

Free Image Hosting at

this lenses are supposed to last me one month

in the end...

it last me at most 2 weeks..
and mu eyes become like that!!

Free Image Hosting at


can you all see??!!
i threw them aways immediately after that...

So here are other bloggers blogging about these puffy three tones lenses too

do please read them !!

as i do not want or wish this to happen to you all my precious readers!

help me share this news around too!


and take care~!~


and thanks for viewing my humble blog!!




  1. oh I hope your eyes are good!
    I had read these post, and very much regret what has happened to those girls recover soon hopefully~~
    Thanks for tell which lenses have hurt you, I have bought some geo angel and this is my first time that I use but after reading these blogs I'm scared to use them! >_<

    1. yes my eyes are recovering well now! ^^
      thanks god!!

      btw the way you can still try using your geo angel lenses.. but should anythings happen
      just throw them away immediately like me...


  2. puffy three tones lenses are GEO or NEO ?? Many said NEO are harmful because they're too thick!! while NEO is being blamed for too dry... hope you can get well soon >< stop using them now and be careful next time :)

    1. to crystal: sorry i never tried NEO lenses before so i have no idea at all >.<
      and thanks for sharing that NEO lenses are not good too so that next time i will bot buy them.
      and i already stop using those lenses already..
      and i just recovered already. thanks for your concern! (o^W^0)

    2. TO crystal: the puffy 3 tones are GEO.

  3. which website??? because loads of people I know have tried them and they bought them from sites like shoppingholics or pinkyparadise and they were fine:)