Saturday, April 28, 2012

effective facelit massage!

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hi all!!!!! ^.^
i will always wish upon the stars that my face shape is very sharp and nice!!
but sadly, this is not true!

and please pardon my super messy hair!~ >.< sorry!!!

so i will always try ways and means to improve my look! either through different make up or facial routines! and i will also like to try different skincare or cosmestics products too!

and last time i tried many facial massage before, but sadly they do not work for me !
until i find this amazing video and i want to share it with you all!


this is really really super amazing you all should try this out!
i will try my best to overcome the lazy me and do this everyday!!

next is some ageha photo taking tips!!

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lastly, is some really awesomely cute emo -cons that i found in a japanese page!


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ya! so that is all for today

see ya!!!!

hugs and kisses


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