Thursday, April 5, 2012

Luminous eyelashes 01 review! X popteen TV youtube channel! X new haulS!

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                         Hello everybody!!! If you have been following me you all will know that i have  actually stopped using falsies for quite some time! And now! i'm back to using them...
because they are just so so so irresistable!!

& i have not been doing reviews for a long time too!  >.< sorry!!
And today i am gonna do a review on japan luminous lashes that i long bought from SASA, which is currently sold out now.. and i finally get a chance to use this!!!

And i bought them because i saw the review of this series of eyelashes long time ago and i wanted to try it out long ago already!
but sadly it was still not available in my country yet..

until finally one day! while i was shopping in some shopping mall and i happen to saw it!! and it was left with two boxes only!!! so i thought i must grab them now!! if not no chance already!
how true i was!! the next visit all gone and i tried all other outlets too but sadly all gone too!! >.<
lucky me!!
 so here is a clearer view of the lashes..

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                          okk... so here is the back view of the packaging!!

                          omigosh!! so nice right??? i am a sucker for packaging!! >.<

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ok.. so now is CAMWHORE TIME!!
shameless ##


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       Length: 5/5 just nice not too long!!
       Packaging: 5/5 very kawaii!!

       Cost: 5/5 affordable!!

       Design: 5/5 very unique and very natural!!

       will i buy again??

          Yes of course! i am lovin' it!!

Next is about popteen TV in youtube channel!!
OMG!!! i really really love this!!

so here is the link...

Lastly, is my new hauls!!  & this time i have gotten myself two new japanese magazines!!
the latest issue of popteen and ageha!!!!
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& a Marc Jacob mini bag too!!

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okk.. i will do a blog post on what is inside them!
their eyemake, hairmake and clothes fashions!


so stay tune!!!



  1. Love the lashes, so natural looking and cute!

  2. I love the lashes design! It's very natural looking and the packaging is so cute! >o<

  3. to yoyo: yes me too!! the packaging is so so so KAWAII! >.<#

  4. You look so cute with these lashes!