Saturday, April 28, 2012

taiwan SD duo lifting Sexylook black pearl mask review!!

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Hello! everyone! :DDD

there is some problems with my reply comments bar
so sorry! i cant reply >.<

but thanks for your comments!!
i really do appreciate and read them!!!
hehehe!!! <3333

anyway, today post gonna be a review on my recently newly used and bought masks!
taiwan 3D duolifting masks!

hot selling now in taiwan!!

so cool right


super tempeted to try out too??


effects: 3/5 ok, but not so obvious results? skin feel moisturized and refreshed after usage! :D
cost: 5/5 very affordable!
packaging: 3/5 very classic and attracttive!
will i buy it again??
depends! because i would like to try out other masks too!!
different nutrients for my skin!! :D

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ya so that is all for today!! byebye and
i will see you tomorrow!!


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