Wednesday, April 18, 2012

jumily maiho's gyaru lashes girly review!

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hello all! before i start proper with my review
i want to share with you all my current favourite song!

because it is in japanese

song about
A BETTER TOMORROW!~~~ (o^w^O)///

so meaningful and nice!~~~

addicted to this song now~~~~


finally the review time!!~~

effects: (5/5) very natural look! not too imidating! >.<
price: 2/5 very ex! T.T
packaging: 4/5 very kawaii !!
quality: 5/5 very soft, gentle and fine!
length: 5/5 just nice!

will i buy again???
YES OF COURSE! and i would like to try other designs too!!!

so camwhore time!!

since it is a jelly model eyelashes, so i decided to do a jelly inspired look too!!


a more cool look!
 will do a fringe tuitorial for this look for you all !!! who have short fringes like me!

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that is all for today!

lastly, i love you all my readers
especially those who previously commented!
i love reading your comments!
i really appreciated it !!
and i replied all comments already by the way! ^-^ 

byebye and have a nice day!!


  1. Whoa they are quite natural! :)
    How expensive? :O
    You look cute as usual <3

    1. to sheri: hi! i bought them at S$21.90. thanks you are cute too!! ^.^

  2. I saw these in the magazine- it looks like they have a lot of different styles! I'm scared to look up the price now though haha. :P

    The pinned up fringe looks adorable! I don't have a fringe at all, though. -3- (Yet to find a style of fringe that suits me, other than one that's already grown out. :P) WHat lip products did you use? ^^

    1. to rinnie: oh i bought them at S$21.90. and they are available in many designs too!
      thanks for the compliment! i use maybeline baby lips cherry lip gloss. That is all! ^.^