Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giveaway winner! X new hauls!

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hello! so today i am gonna announce the winner!!

and the person is


please email me your living address and which country ..

within 3 days if not i will pass the giveaway to another lucky person!! >.<

and for those who have not win this time, if you have been following me.

you will all know that my milky bunny giveaway is activated!!!

so stay tune for really upcoming exciting giveaway too!~~~

so next is about my new hauls!~~

lastest issue of jelly and some local magazine!
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will do mag previews on these too!!

ya so that is all for today!! byebye!~ <33
i am starting my school tomorrow! >.<

sad that my wonderful holidays are over! T.T
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byebye! ^~^