Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New drama sharing X my lovely hauls!

Hi guys..sorry for a later update as i was feeling lazy yesterday >.<
i went out yesterday with my twinie again to collect my Sayoko's Twinkle lashes
wahahahhaha :))
 i bought some sphags tops and a black halter skirt :)
hahaha chanced upon them :)
close up view!!!!~~~~
kawaii packaging right??
i wanted this long ago already when i first saw in Sayoko's blog >.<
wanted it badly before so when kelly say she is opening her spree for her japan trip, so twinie and i decided to join in and after finally a long wait it  arrived wahahha
so cant wait to try this out >.<!! damm excited can???
because currently these lashes are not available in my country T.T
and directly bought in japan is definitely way cheaper minus all the shipping cost !!!
hahahhahaha gonna do a review on this too when i am free :)
envy?? hahhahah
By the way, i was so bored recently and i have started watching a korean drama called Dr Jin
heard of this drama before ??
it is right now very popular in my country do watch it out online if you are bored like me
hurhurhur.. as it is really a nice drama to watch :)
Got handsome guy and pretty lady as the main casts too lol!!!!!!!
So dashing here right ???
So that is all for now..

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  1. Ah, I'm thinking of purchasing some new lashes! ^^
    Oh, that guy is so dashing! >w< I think I might try to watch it! =