Friday, March 8, 2013

Damm interviews~~


Photo: don't sad le .. Smile !!!

Hello all!!~~~ Today i spent the whole day outside for my job interviews...
the places was hard to find and also damm out of the way~!!!!  >.<

 All the walking long distances and uneven pavments!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus filling up all the long forms >.<
just wanna find a part time job for my holiday so diffifcult and tought T.T

Quite a tough day today >.<

Went to a new place called greenwhich shopping mall today
it was so damm hard to find this place!! argh!! Walked until my leg tired too!!

                           Photo: Know where am I now ?

sorry for complaining here but i really cant help it..
anyway today nothing nice happened at all !!~~ >.< (T~T)

Lucky my twinie is with me all this time!!
hehehe so it is not so bad afterall ...
glad to have her..


So that is all for now..

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