Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello all!!
Today i am gonna stay at home and chill as usual..
not so usual..
Cos last few days.. i actually went out wahahaha!~~
Actually yesterday my twinie and i went to EXPO for some stupid temp job for surveys >.<
so XIN KU!!~~~
hahaha yesterday lunch was subway so long
never eat this already until yesterday hahah cos i dread lettuces.. and sandwiches i dont really have cravings for.. >.<
But it tasted good hahahah :) gonna eat this again soon wahahah gluttony..
Hhahha my veg mushroom sphagetti!~ <3333

and i just bought this ICM acne clear pimple cream to try out after watching the tried and tested episode hopefully this will works out well for me too !! >.< cross fingers **

hahah gonna review on this product soon too when i am free later on...
so that is all for now yea
cya soon@~~

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