Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fairy lashes review!! and some random hauls

                                   Photo: 皆様‼おはよございます。(^_^)☆. (morning everyone !!)


Today i woke up damm early to accompany my mum to do here brows as her appointment was the first in line!! lol!!!!

anyway damm tired!! >..<

after that we went walk walk around hahhahaha

bought back some items back though..

 i bought this bag heheheh since i really needed one big bag now >.<
as  i keep using my twinie's ones ... >.<
 so i bought this chese onion rings to try out !! hahhaha
                                   Photo: So yummy  gonna buy more next time !! Have you eaten cheese onion rings before btw ? Hehehehe                                 

So here is my fairy lashes review time!!

so i finally get the chance to try these lashes out >.<
eggicited!!!!! ^~^//


So when wore on it is like this!!!!

When placed in my eyelash casing it looks like this!!

close up view!!!
effects: 4/5 not bad !! i quite like it
Design:4/5 quite natural!! not too thick !
packaging: 4/5/5 i realluy love fairy lash packaging my sakurina!! <33 vintage looking!!
price: 4/5 affordable since i bought them at a cheaper place hahhahaha
length: 4/5 quite ok length!!
texture/ quality: 3.5/5 not soft at all!! >.< but quite ok,..
will i repurchase again??
yes!! hhehehhe

So that is all for now yea!!
byebye <3333333


  1. E-hee, I will also be trying Fairy Lash for the first time~ but not the same style as you. ^^ For me, those ones are too natural, but they suit your look. :)

  2. To rinnie: Thanks!! :)) Fairy lashes are nice <333