Monday, March 4, 2013

New drama intro! X My facial wash review!!

Hello everyone!!!
today i am gonna review again on my facial wash!!
it is my beauty diary ocean collagen and alow facial wash!!
Since my facial wash is gonna be finished soon!! >.<

camwhoring with my facial wash here lols!! >.<
Effects: 4/5 it does not cause any breakouts after use ( satisfied grins**)
Price: 4/5 affordable hehehe 
Packaging: 4/5 cute cartoon packaging hehhehe
So will i repurchase this again??

Maybe!!! i quite like this product for now!!

So next i am gonna share with you all my new taiwan drama love

initially i want to watch this because it is featuring
F(x)'s victoria shi!!!!

and  Calvin from farenhiet!!

Cute girl and two handsome pretty guys inside!!!

Really addicted to this drama >.<
you all should watch this if you haven !!

it is something like taiwan drama gong zhu xiao mei!!

And today i ate my fav cereal snack Fruit loops!! wahhahah so nice!! >.<


and above pic is i spotted a new product launch some lip gloss really kawaii packaging!!


So that is all for now yea...

byebye <3333

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