Sunday, March 24, 2013

I stopped being " nice " already :)

Hello all!!

I stop looking for love already..
in fact, i think i need to really learn to love myself well first..
i didnt have any heartbreaks this time..
just see things through already.. after so many desperate failures..

Seriously stop all the online dating shit like what my sis always tell me but falls on deaf ears..
i can be happy even if i am single..
i need to learn how to stop always waiting for texts that never comes in seriously..

i hate myself for keep forgetting to change this bad habit i really hope things will be better eventually!!

i am ranting here as usual..

heartbreaks really do takes time to heal and forget.. and also courage!
It tooks me damm lots of efforts to convince myself to just move on!!

i am filled with all the insecurity inside most of the time..

but like what my sis told me in life besides love there was other things to look forward to!!!
many others!

like my passion - beautfying myself!
my dream- go to japan :)

At times, outside i will look at lovey dovey and envy them feeling lonely..
but that is just awhile :))

i should be alright..
crying at times.. seems to be the only way. that is how i become stronger in time..
if i dont experience the pain, i will not learn!

yesterday i was so bored and lonely that i decided to catch the movie the croods with my twinie!!

Photo: watching dr croods soon

This movie was really hilarious!!

nice!! <333333333

i think life will be better if i stop assuming and stop waiting for the impossible and just be more down to earth in my life and romance..

i know can i do it because i believe i can myself!! >.<

no matter how tough , i will make it..


as there is always rainbow in the corner :)

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