Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yunkoro CM X michelle phan!




Going bugis later... to collect my sis 's tokyo banana she ordered..

But dont know what to do after that..
since we haven really thoughy about it yet..

                              Photo: Turning back will bring you regrets too

Btw, i am also a fan of the model yunkoro!!~~

So Recently she is the brand ambassador for LADYMADE!~~

So here is a CM video.. in case you all haven watch this yet..

and i decided to try out a new style later..

and also do you all know about michelle phan?

well, recently i am watching her videos!!

Do check her youtube.. i am gonna try her makeup soon lol..
hopes everything goes smoothly.. lol..

and of cos i will edit abit of her steps and products used abit here and there..
to better suit myself hahhaa.. gonna share with you all if it is a success hehehe...

i am playing the Fb game diamond dash now hhehe because i was stucked in candy crush -___-!!!
It is not bad too do try it out if you are bored like me hehhehe

so that is all for now yea.. byebye <333

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