Friday, March 15, 2013

Canmake blessed Foundation review!

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Hello all! Today was out again to settle som stuffs with twinie..

Sometimes. i wonder without her my life would be worse off now..


I am like any other normal girls.. i like to compare myself with any girls i see outside hahha
Like she is prettier etc... i have very low self esteem actually no sense of security >.<

i use this to improve myself but i feel sad most of the time doing this kind of thing.. my inferior complexity ...

I tried a new makeup todat super natural eyemake as i wanna tone down  for now.. hahha
No eyelid tape, no eyeshadow..



hhahah but i am using my Canmake blessed natural foundation today and i am gonna review on it now

I gotten the lightest shade for myself!! wahhahaha :))

Effects: 4/5 natural coverage :) quite satisfied!!
Packaging: 5/5 absolutely kawaii >.<
Price: 3/5 quite costly .. as usual japanese products are..

will i repurchase this again??!

hahhah yes!! i am loving this product!! :))

So that is all for now...

Just a penny of your thoughts..

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