Saturday, March 2, 2013

My hair product review and miracle spray reviews!

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皆様!おはよ ございます!(^_^)・・

Today i am gonna review on more products :)
My milk hair mask and my mini miracle spray
1st: milk hair mask
Effects: 4/5 not bad my hair did become smoothh after that for awhile hehhehehe
Price:4/5 very affordable because it is on sale when i bought this! haha lucky me!!
Packaging: 4/5 cause it is pink in colour and it quite big in size :p
will i repurchase this again??
yes!! :)) i quite love this product!
2nd: mini bio essence miracle spray

This spray is said to help improve pimples, dark eye circles and provides moisture ...

Effects: 3/5 it does not really work that much on me.. :(
Packaging: 3/5 very plain and simple and handy and portable!!
Price: 4/5 very affordable !!! lol cause i bought the minii version one.

So will i repurchase this again??

Maybe?? hahhaha because i am using another beauty diary oil control mist too

So that is all for now yea!!

byebye <3333

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