Monday, March 11, 2013

Random hauls..

                                    Photo: Now let go to all your lies ψ(`∇´)ψ

Hello all!~~
Damm bored today again.. but i gonna do some things to entertain myself as usual hehhehe...

                                    Photo: People are not your toys you don't lose interest in them ;)

By the way, i bought a new lipstick it is from silkygirl and it is the color VAMP!

because it was having sales and the color is quite deep and mesmerising gonna do a review on it soon too!!

becuase i am lazy to take pics of it now >.<
although i tried it out yesterday already hehehe

                               Photo: 日本の商品です!!

On top of that i bought myself a sakura matcha kitkat for myself too and a Domo lucky charm too which is both exclusively from japan!! Yay!!  (^~^) they are quite costly too..

Envy ?? hurhur...
And yesterday i helped my elder sis to collect her limited edition tokyo banana custard and chocolate flavours.. i tasted the caramel one already .. quite ok .. for me normal only.. hahaha .. haven tasted the chocolate one though >.<
These japan goodies are really costly ($__$)

                                         Photo: Awesome choco flavour Tokyo banana hehe loving it ❤

But their packaging are super kawaii!!! wahhahaha
Lastly, my twinie also bought this pack of matcha kitkats too.. :p

And i really love this flavour of kitkat!! to me they are really delicious .. :))


And here are some recent selcas.. as i tried a different style.. yesterday ..




So that is all for now yea..

byebye<33333333 cya soon :))

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