Thursday, March 14, 2013

NEW Japan Biore Acne facial wash review!~


Today i am gonna review on my new facial wash hehhehe

as recently last week i had some breakout due to PMS... T.T
and i was panicking thinking of wasy to cure them >.<

And i decided to give this facial wash a try out and it kind of worked and cure my face :))
and now my face is recovering well :))
Thanks goodness !!!


Effect: 4/5 it works quite well for me helping to clear and cure my skin :) delighted much.. : 3
price: 4/5 affordable !!
Packaging: 3/5 it is green in colour and green is not a color i really fancy alot.. so well.. and it is quite  a big tube :)

will i repurchase this again??
Yes!! of course i really love this new product alot and it is from JAPAN!! wahhahahah

So that is all for today!!

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