Saturday, March 9, 2013

new hauls!~

Today we went to the IT fair >.< with my aunts and twinie today (^~^)//
it was very noisy and crowded there argh...
 Bought this pink canmake blusher <333 cant wait to try this out and do a review on this too >.<
Since Canmake is having sales now lols..
 and i bought jun komori new series eyeamazing lashes today too!!~~ hehehhe :p 
back view~~
 and super kawaii new dollywink packaging!! <3333333
and lastly i bought this canmake foundation powder too hehhehe :)) grins  ^V^ will review on this too~~~~!! once i tried this out cant wait for it though...
So today was quite tired but also satisfied with all my hauls!!
wahahhaha !!!~~~

So that is all for now yea!!
byebye <3

and wait for my reviews!!!

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