Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Movie review X New drama sharing again!!

Hello all!~~~
Yesterday i went out with my friend who is now in her Hong kong trip...
to watch the movie Beautiful creatures!!
hhehehe i wantef to watch it quite some time ago
.. until finally!!!!!
these days i try to think of things i want to avoid and i keep myself busy with dramas.. and movies so
i will do many drama sharing and movies reviews here yea....
 So... i am gonna share with you my experiences.. now...
shall start with movie review first...
on beautiful creatures..
ratings.. 3.5/5
there are many kissing scenes which i dont really like...
and i only like the powers of the creatures effects only...
the plot is pretty ok not bad...
damm sian (bored) now...
later maybe going out to watch another movie hahahaha
and currently i am addicted to this taiwan drama called
spring love!!
featuring mike he!!hehehe
This is really a very nice drama to watch!!!
very funny and cute >.<
i would reccomend you all to watch this drama if you are bored like me heheheh
so that is all for now yea..

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