Thursday, March 7, 2013

movie review: Oz the great and powerful!

 Hello all!! :))
Am back from movies yesterday hehhehe
i managed to catch the awesome movie of Oz the great and powerful!!
wahahaha with my twinie and friend :)) weess!!!
So here is my review!! :))
The plot is nice with lots of interesting unexpected twists here and there , definitely a good movie to watch!
Hahahha and of course the very attractive actor and actresses inside makes it more enjoyable!!
hehehe all the other characters are so cute and funny too!! :))
And the magaical effects inside are awesome and fascianting too :))
It is so Worthwhile to watch this!!! :)
Thumbs up!!
So i would reccomend you all to really watch this if you are movie lover like me !!
so that is all for now yea..

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