Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review on lycee rhoto eyedrops

hello ! today gonna be a short post on my review of my recent hual
japan lycee rhoto eyedrops
its main function is to cure red eyes
there are 2 types the norma and the contacts one.
i bought the contacts one.

effects: (5/5) very very refreshing!! thumbs up! 1 or 2 drops is very sufficent already! >V< very effective so far no more red eyes already despite very long hours wearing contacts.

price: (3/5) expensive for such a small packaging

Packaging: (4/5) nice design pink colour! , but it looks so cute and lovely. But too small! >.<

will i buy it again???
yes of course!!
love it max!~~
hope you all like this! ^^

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