Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candydoll limited edition set X Tsubasa

Hello!! everyone i love my WC knitted Cardigan and furry shorts. Behind my short got 2 furry hearts shaped WEES!~~ ^x^

Heard of the latest limited edition candydoll set??!!
Me want this!!!! >>.<<
only availble in japan only SAD! T.T
Plus there is make up book included too OMG!

See the limited edition mirror included inside this set?!!
OH! me want this!!!

inside view O.o

These 2 lipgloss are tsubasa's current favourites...^X^

Btw, tsu-chan asked in her blog post whether we prefer her black or blonde hair?
To me, i find her pretty in every style and colours. Envy!!! >.<

That's all for today'sharing
hope this is useful though
byebye <333333333


  1. me to be very sad that this product only buy in japan, is a really nice product!
    About candy doll lip gloss are new colors!! i love!... Tsubasa always have a look so cute!!

  2. Ohhhh i love your cardigan! it's beautiful! *O*
    In general all the clothes W♥C is beautiful like all products from Candy Doll here are very hard to get and very expensive °(>.<)°
    Soon i'll buy a lipstick Candy doll in ramune pink, if you have it or other Candy Doll lip you could do a review please? *-*

    Sometimes i think that is perfect Tsubasa everything goes well~ i think if she dyes her hair green would look good xD

    Cute girl have a nice day n___n

  3. to daili: hehhe thanks!!!
    i think i have got a candydoll ramune lipctick though?
    will do a review on it just for you