Thursday, January 19, 2012

Angelcolor loose powder review

Hello!! Today's topic is about Angelcolor loose powder review!~~

This is the first ever gyaru make up or powder that i had ever bought after browsing at so many japanese magazines before finally deciding to get one of this >.<
i got this from japan since years ago yet i did not do a review on this >.<

Effects: (4/5) Darker skin tone :((((, but super good natural coverage ^O^, quite long lasting effect and Matt effect too

Packaging: (5/5) love its simple and classic packaging, with a golden cover labelled AC on it. And it is quite big size too

Price: (3/5) So expensive >.< cost me around around $60++

Lasting: (5/5) i used this for years ^V^ since it is big size.

will i buy this again??
yes!! definitely!!!!! hehehe ^x^
overall i love this product >w<

Btw, this is my today's outfit


Tomorrow there is a class test for me! >.<
so wish me ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!~~

That's all for today
byebye <3333


  1. Oh~ big size, then the price is worth it, last long~ :D although i still believe that it's expensive >.<
    Someday I'll prove it :D
    Good luck with your test!

    1. Reply to Dalii: o.o hehehe Thanks!!! & yea you should try this powder too >.<
      Bye <3

  2. Good luck on your test! The power is very expensive...

    1. REply to nana:
      haha. Thanks ^^. & Yea the powder is costly T-T