Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review on dollywink long and volume mascara

Hello !!
Today will be doing a short review on Dollywink Long mascara and Volume Mascara !!
hehehe hope you all like it though >.<

above is the long
below is the volume

But before i actually start. Mr love stuck SAys HI!!!! to all of you! ^o^

i shall start with the volume mascara first
**note: i am lazy to take photo of my dollywink volume mascara so gonna take it from the internet
instead so Pardon me? >.<

Effects: 5/5 i totally love the volume effect!! Works great for me! My "unseen" lashes can be seen  immediately ! does not smudge for me hehehe unlike other mascara.

Cost: (3/5) Expensive cost around $30.

Packaging: (5/5) So kawaii and classic. absolutely love it >.<

bonus: the brand! somemore it is candydoll created by tsubasa masuwaka!
awesome! ^^ hehehe

will i buy this again?
yes of course since it works wonder for me ^W^

Next is the Dollywink long masacara review!!!!

effects:(3/5) not really very visible results :((

packaging (5/5) love its pink lovely packaging :))

price: more expensive than the volume one like about $32

bonus: the brand name & creator again!

Will i buy it again??
sadly no >.<

hehee that's all for today!!!
byebye <333333
Thanks for reading!!!

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