Monday, January 9, 2012

latest issue of japanese Cutie magazine scans. X liz lisa bonus

Hello everyone, today's sharing is about some Cutie magazine scans about their make up
and it comes along with
a super pretty and kawaii make up bag!~~
love it MAX!!!~

ok, the cover page is featuring AKB48 atsuko!!!


So here are their make up tutorial pages

i envy them not using contact lenses
for me, i cant live without my contact lenses cos my pupils are so so so small >.<
hais sad!~~

hope this is useful though >.<

love my hairstyles?
if yes, ask me to do a hair tutorial for you all
hehhe >.<


  1. Yes! make a tutorial on your hairstyle, your hair is beautiful~ *O*
    I love Liz Lisa all clothing, accessories and bags are tender and elegant♥ and the makeup makes women change a lot for example in the first image of the tutorial *O*
    I sometimes download magazines like popteen, that's my favorite and didn't know this, but i think i'll search the internet~
    Have a nice day! ^^/

  2. hehehe glad that you like this post >.<
    i will try to do the tutorial...
    i bought this magazine because of the liz lisa make up bag only, as mine just spoil :X

    Same as you i like Popteen, but i like popsister, ranzuki, ageha, vivi and egg too. you can try them too.

    heheh will do more mag scans in the future.
    have a nice day too ^o^