Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review on Amethystory whitening enhancer

Hello, today i am gonna do a review on new skincare product that i bought not long ago..

That is amtheystory whitening enhancer....
tada!~~ lazy to take a pic of it so i just took it online
pardon me hahaha...

Effects: 2/5. i used this for quite a long time, but the effect is not evident.

Smell: 2/5, i dont like the chemical smell...

Price: 2/5 quite expensive around $20? i bought it at sale though hehe i only wanted to try it out
after reading some fabby reviews about it.

texture: 3/5 quite watery not rich at all...

Overall, i dont like thos product at all.
So i will not buy it again >.<

sorry Ginvera!~~

that's all byebye
hope this is useful for you all though

have a nice day!~~

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