Tuesday, January 17, 2012

japanese Gal Beauty school Magazine scans Part 1 X my new hual

Hello Hello, This ls pic is totally unedited.

Compare with the 2nd pic (edited).
is there a big difference.?????? >.<

Next, is my new hual, my new purse.
does this look like the japanese brand Ank rouge toy?

Next, finally is the magazine scans!!~~
Ok, i had this magazine with me for a long time.
This magazine is very special because it is not produced monthly like other magazines like
popteen, popsister or ageha.
It is a beauty book with DVD inside teaching us to do gyaru makeup and hair.
^V^ guilty** for not posting this up for a long long time >.<

That's the end of my part 1 mag scans.
hehehe like it????
wait for more to come kk???

although i am sick today at home
but i still wanna blog!!!


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