Monday, January 23, 2012

interesting beauty videos..


hello! today's post will be about some interesting beauty videos that i watched online just now
1st video : how different type of contacts are dangerous, how to store and place them carefully, how to wear them properly, and what type of lenses are the most comfy. ^.^



2nd video: very korean makeup tuitorial very natural and professional? ........

3rd video: easy 5 min make up tuitorial to work/school'
i swear this girl has natural beauty

4th: a girl who changes to become 13 different after trying different types of make up..

some personal opinions are that this girl is really amazing she can change into 13 different kawaii, cool and cute jappy look with her make up.
Honestly, i cant do this >.<
Although her no make up face is abit cannot make it, with her big moles, small single lid eyes, big pores and everything..

Lastly, i really adore natural beauty which i dont have at all >.<

This post pictures of myself are the lightest make up i ever wore, no falsies at all >.<
so pardon me hehehee

that's all byebye
hope you all find this useful???

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  1. Thanks for the videos! the first is very interesting though much of what he said the girl didn't understand >.< but the english subtitles had an idea of ​​what he said~ :D
    I don't use circle lens but i buy some, it will be my first time and still gives me a little scared so i researched a lot and seen many videos about everything in spanish to understand better *-* but this video has helped me too Thank you! <3

    The fourth video is amazing! as a girl can change so many looks with makeup done! like a different person! woooooooow!

    I personally prefer natural makeup to wear every day and professional (?) makeup for a party or special event.
    I loved this post i'll put it in favorites <3