Saturday, January 14, 2012

Popteen X Tsubasa CM & cheap hauls!

hi hi!~~ Today's sharing is on japanese Commercials

Omiggosh!!~~~ After watching all these i really want to get their products.!!!
And wish to see popteen models in real persons and hug them >.<
so kawaii!~~

This is the full version of tsubasa new and latest song

Next is my cheap huals.. hehhe very happy with my new items!**
Got these from SASA fair.

lovin' these
Omg! cant wait to try these out. >.<
hope they  wont dissappiont me .

These things only cost me S$7. hehehe so so so cheap!.>.<
Btw, the lotion retail price $22.80  but i am not sure about the facial soap though...
will try to do a review on these once i try them out. hehehehe

that's all for today byebye



  1. models are so cute! *-*
    I love Tsubasa woooow she is so beautiful and successful! I'd be like her! >w<♥

    Wait for your review :)
    Have a nice day <3

  2. to Dalii:
    hehehe, yea totally agreed that the models are all so KAWAII <3.

    yea, and i totally adore TSU-chan too >.<

    have a nice day too. ^M^