Friday, January 27, 2012

Beware of B.liv products! X gyaru face massage videos X new huals

Hello! hello! i am tired now but i shall still blog!

Today i am going to share with all a BEWARE article that i freak out

please read!!!! i dont want anyone to be like the girl too! >.<
Last time after reading some bloggers reviews i initially i also wanted to buy them after see the cleo award winner label on those products. But luckily i never...Wipe sweat!**

So cherish and love your face skin more!^x^

This video show a hardworking gyaru working for her future
and i am so inspired to be like her too!>.<

Erm i find this a nice song preview??

These 3 videos show a face massage routine done by a ranzuki magazine model

Next, i just bought myself these 6 Mama eyelashes!!!
Gonna do review on them soon!
so stay tune yea?

Finally, i bought myself a new WC " i love japan" limited edition charity tee! >v<
love it max!!!

that's all


  1. wow thank you for sharing those! ;)

  2. Oh!!! thank God you didn't buy this product! i don't know but usually i'm driven by what the magazines say even some reviews but it's certain that the skin of each person is different~ i think the best option is to consult a dermatologist n_____n

    hey the girl in the first picture is your sister, right? wooooow they are so similar *O* i might say they are twins! ^O^

    Thanks for the videos and your shirt is cute <3 wait for your review! ^^/
    have a nice day♥

  3. to dali: thanks! ^^ yes that is my twin sister hehehe :p
    you have a nice day too <333

  4. For the full story on the stomper girl please read AsiOne's complete article
    Thank you