Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me without contact lense!~~ Make up for non contact lense users ^^

Hello, hello!~~
Today's sharing is how i make up without my contact lenses

do i look ok??


Key highlights
1. super natural lashes preferably those shorter ones not too long ones!~~
or you can cut your lashes to be shorter in length too
2. draw eyeliner only at the end to elongate your eyes not the whole eye!!
3. use mascara and eyelash curler.
4. can apply mascara on falsies (optional) to create a more natural look

Additional points
* i used brown eyeshadow for this look ( create a neutral look)
* highlight the above ( but below eyebrows) the eye areas and eyebags too. ( to create a innocent cute look)
* i never use bottom lashes too, as it will appear unatural >.<
hehehe >.<

That's all byebye!~~~

love ya <3333


  1. reply to Nana: hehehe, glad that it is useful for you ^V^
    welcome! ^W^