Monday, January 2, 2012

popteen latest eyemake trend "CAT'S EYES!~~"

Do you all love the eyes of cats?

Well, this coming month popteen issue featured their latest eyemake is

"CAT'S EYE!!!"~~

hehehe..i tried it out above is how i look >.<

Nice?? i guess it is not my kinda style hehehe

key highlights
1. Use a black eyeliner to outline the shape of your eyes.
** draw a thick wing upwards at the tip of the eyes

2. the lashes used by the pop models are the new dollywink lashes cat's eye
and diamond lashes cat's eye version.


hehe like the eyemake????

hehehe overall, i like it though.
Thanks for viewing my blog!~~



  1. I think the "cat eyes" look great on you, also look natural~ :D
    I love the Magazine popteen but I don't understand anything T.T but because the images are very clear I can understand ^^/
    Ohhh~ love your nails

  2. Reply to daili:
    hehe. san-kyu!~~

    i will try to do more popteen mag review for my blog
    hehe glad that you liked it