Monday, January 30, 2012

my latest expensive new huals

hello!! everyone..
recently i just bought some really expensive products T.T

so here goes
1. 2b alternative face set S$72.60
2. Eurcin latest toner $ 21
3. europe v shaper cream + black lace bracelet. $3.50

heart pain my money fly T^T
but i love these items!!


gonna do a review on them real soon!~~
must need time to see their results and use them

so stay tune? yea?
yesterday my readserhip hits 440
happy max!
thank you!!

love you all!
HUGS!** ^^


  1. woooooooow! your hair is so long and pretty! *O*♥ I love your hair!
    and your first photo is beautiful~ you look so sweet! >w<♥
    Nice day :)