Friday, January 20, 2012

Thick Make up VS Light simple make up ?

Hi all, i have just changed my blogskin and header like ?? any comments to make??
& Today's topic is slightly different because it is about an question about my personal

Whether i like thick and dolly make up or Light aad elegant make up??
My personal perception.

1st, Thick Make up.
I love the dramatic dolly big eye effect just like those of many gyarus. However sadly your eyes will be a BIG patch of BLACK
like a panda bear T^T and i hate this >X<

2. people will go round saying you are so FAKE. ( i know i should not be bothered by what people say
but i mind what my Boyfriend says >.<) and i look like one whore or Ah lian.

3.  i am scare of people special attention
4. my family hate the thick make up "me"

Light and Simple make up

1. Concept to others of Natural beauty
2. no black panda eyes
3. no dolly eye (T~T)
4. when you remove make up no much difference ^Z^
5. my family are fine with me

on the top this 4 pics, 100% no edit >.<

So in the END, i chose the light and simple one

So i decided to give up my lower lashes, heavy eyeliner, thick falsies and dark and shimmery eyeshadow, & no more layers of heavy foundation and so i only left with loose powder and my magic cream
and for now i put on cream blusher only instead of adding my powdered ones to it.
Lastly, i give up my glitter powder too >.<

i help this is helpful to you though...

Anyway, next i want to share with you all the Gingerbread mans i made last night

only one pic as i carelessly broke the rest >.<

Urm i kind of accidentally crushed its deisgn too pardon me >..<
It is speical becuase we added chocolate chips in ti. Yummy!~~

That's all byebye
love ya..<333


  1. light and simple my dear~

    that gingerbreadman is soo cute haha

  2. reply to carizzachua:
    hahaha. We think alike >.<. i like!