Saturday, January 7, 2012

Natural skin glow and moisturizer use Egyptian magic cream review!


want to know how to achieve skin natural glow??
 and want an all natural moisturizer??

Egyptian magic cream is your solution!~~

I am not advertising here lols!~~
just sharing with you my experience with this fabby product hehehe...

So here is video review about it too by Bubzbeauty!~~.

I use it as a make up, as in to protect my skin from the make up so i use it as a base and to add on the natural glow to my face in my makeup.

love it. my complexion did improve abit overall hehehehe
it is very ex, as i bought it from japan for about S$165?? >.<

But it can be used for a very long time. i have it with me for about 2 years plus already
although i stopped using it for say about a year? As i dont really know how to use back then >.<
But recently i used it everyday as a make up base ^X^ hehehe

will i buy it again??
Erm: not sure though, but overall, i really love this magical product

That's all byebye


  1. Where do you buy all of your beauty products? ^ ^

  2. Reply to nana: i buy them online.
    because they are cheaper and more exclusive?
    or directly from japan >.<
    what item do you want to buy?
    you can ask me directly hehe