Sunday, January 22, 2012

Double review on Clarins toning lotion & juju Aquamoist firming toner

Hello everyone! Greetings to you all from singapore! <3

Ok, today i am gonna do a double review hehhehe

**Note: pardon me for being lazy to take photos of my own products so i just grab them from the internet, but i swear really am using them now >.<

First up is, the clarins toning lotion

effect: (5/5) you can feel the tightening effects upon using it on your face after cleansing. My face has no breakouts after using this.

texture: (5/5) just nice, not too rich or too watery

Smell: (4/5) Strong cammomile smell

cost: quite expensive as the brand suggest, if you want to buy the full big version. around US$20 ++ ? Currently, i am using a small sample one which i bought for just S$6 from a small temp stall. But it is 100% AUTHENTIC.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile 200ml

Next is the Juju aquamoist which i recently bought from the SASA Fair

Effects: (3/5) i only dare to use this at night whereby my skin tends to be more dry as comapared to daytime, if not this will be too moisturized for my skin leading to some breakouts >.<

Texture: (4/5) very watery and quite rich though

Cost: Actual retail price is S$22.90 affordable i guess?

Smell : (2/5) Chemical smell, not unpleasent smell though.

that's all for today hope you all like this! ^V^

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