Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review on Bambi chocolate lenses X personal eyecare tips

Hello, i am gonna do a short review on the current lenses i am wearing
It is Tsubasa Bambi Masuwaka's hot favourite
Bambi Choco brown
This is my first ever contact lenses review ...>.<

And i gave been wanting to get these for a
LONG LONG LONG time, and finally i got these!!
happy max ^V^

Have you all tried these bambi series yet???

Design (4/5): i love the colour graduation.. that helps creates a dolly, innocent, kawaii
look. Very very unique as i have not seen a similar design before. However, i dislike the patterns on the
outer rims making the lenses look so obvious and unnatural >.<

Enlarging Effect: 3/5
These lenses are only 14.5mm
so the effect is not so big
and i find it just nice because not big will look like an alien.

Comfort level: (3/5)
upon wearing you feel you are wearing nothing at all
but after several hours , it make me feel abit headache, but i am fine after a few drops of
eyedrops. :D

Will i buy them again?
yes!! of courses, next i wanna buy Tsubasa previous favourite lenses
Honey wing brown
it look so so natutral and it is yui kanno's favourite too BTW.
i am so gonna do a review on it too after getting my hands on it.
so wait for my next contacts lenses review ?

Here are some of my personal eyecare tips!~~ ((^C^))
1. use eyewash before wearing contacts, like this your eyes will feel refreshed,or you can use it when you have sore eyes too, it helps to wash off dirt.
2. use eyedrops every 6 hrs to prevent dryness
3. wash your hands properly before wearing contacts or when taking off contacts.
4. use your contacts solution to wash and rinse lenses before wearing them to ensure they are CLEAN!

Hope this is useful for you all though :X
Lovin' these!
That's all byebye