Wednesday, January 11, 2012

くみき~~だいすき!!X New Hair secret




This video shows kumiko's beauty trip to Korea!!

This video is soo interesting and cute!~~ And i want the amazing mask inside and all the beauty products!!!
OMG!! so so amazing!~~

Hello , as you have noticed the change in my hairstyle !!
it is a secret

tada, it is a fringe wig hehe

At the start i bought a cheap fringe online an i really really regreted it BIG time!!
this explains my first bad experience.SAD!! T.T

so i thought alot about buying it >.<

i bought it for $58, so Ex.... but when i first look at it i was super tempted
and in the end i finally bought the last one off the shelf...
lucky me!!~

i heartpain my money though but in the end, it is really worth it! >.<
as it really really is very very soft!~~~~
And the best is it helps improve look overall!!

according to the book, it can be curled just like the normal hair
and its main purpose is to help create a small face look !!
& small face = KAWAII!!!

this fringe wig is specially designed by a japan beautician
here is the cover!~~

here is the inside!~~~
so many girls acheived a better look with this magical wig
i am amazed when i saw this >.<

love this! <3

 by the way, i change my eyemake love it??
ask me for a tuturiol then heheh.
rushing out my hair tutorial soon soon!~~

see the side look of my NEW eyemake

hehehe like??


  1. Wow amazing! I love the vid~!

  2. hehhe
    glad that you enjoy the video

    and Thanks for viewing my blog