Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goo Hara inspired look

Hello!! Although i am unber tired now. BUT i still want to blog! hehehe >.<

okay, today's sharing is about GOO HARA's INSPIRED LOOK.

she is totally cute right? >.<

Hehhe, my desktop wallpaper is her 2nd pic above. ^x^

So i decided to try out her make up.
and ~~~~


Ok i know i don't look like her the least. But at least i try my best to follow her style.

But i am happy to be me. i am orignal. WAHAHA!~~

Tips from this inspired look
#1. draw eyeliner to shape your whole eye. ( top & bottom)
#2. only natural looking upper lash and no bottom lash, you can use mascara for the bottom lashes
#3. blusher is not necessary.
#4. no fringe involved, so pin up your whole fringe.
#5. dark coloured contacts only.
#6. Remenber to elongate your eyes using eyeliner, but too thick and overdo it.
#7. thicker brows

That's all. Btw, i am upset that my youtube video was being disliked so i deleted it T.T
That's all for today byebye.
i dont want to do anymore videos anymore ever.


  1. awww i think you're more cute that Hara!
    i love long hair her~ is beautiful and straight and i love her natural makeup.
    Attempt to do so, thanks for saying as she does! :D
    And don't worry about your video people don't know what is good value don't give importance~ Smile! :D

  2. Reply to Daili: Awws!!!~~
    BIG THANK YOU! >.<. Touched**
    HUGs \(^C^)/
    You are so SWEET!~~hehehe

  3. I think you are cute too! : D Nice tutorial!

    1. Reply to NANA:
      thanks nana
      i viewed your blog too.
      i think you look cute too
      hehhee (>V<)