Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas eve!

                     Hi guys!! Today is christmas!!!
Wishing all of you a merry merry christmas this year!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

So here is just a short post of how i spend my christmas eve yesterday!! :)'

As part of my family tradition we need to gather at my granny house for the usual dinner and celebration :)

So this is my simple coordinate for that day :p

And guess what i found there??

Matcha flavoured kit kats snacks!!!!!!! O.O yummuilious!!!!!!! >.<
Have you guys tasted this before???

                                   Photo: green tea kitkats

 i received some $$ instead of gifts as my relatives did not have the time to go shopping .. which is just fine with me!! :)

                                 Photo: If I open my heart again, will you still be there for me ?

Lastly, endingf off with a bittersweet quote here : "If i open my heart up again, will you be there for me?"

Xoxoxo Shermin...

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