Sunday, December 16, 2012

I am so silly , but life moves on..

Hi guys, thanks for all your kind support and encouragement , i will learn to be more independent  and stronger too!!

So today is another sharing of another common day of my life :D

So here is my today's mini hauls :D

But i will still keep going forward to my happier life! :)
Because i know there are ups and downs in life.. so i just need to learn how to overcome these..
 and i will be happy once again :D

And i am currently watching this really nice and funny drama

Can't lose!! by choi ji woo!! She is so cute and pretty in this show and the guy too but i forgot his name...

If you are free do watch this too!! hahahah

And i just finished watching Despicable me part 1 movie online yesterday too!! :D
heheheh so cute so cute so cute!!!!!!!! i wanna watch part 2 next year too! >.< can't wait!!!

and i keep updating my instagram too!!
follow me @ hellomissyuki!!
 So here are some picas off my instagram!!

Xmas is coming soon! and i just bought pressies for my friends!!!!!!! :D

SO i bought a Shinee calendar for my bestie <33
Hehhe i bought the last one though... >.<

So that is all for now yea??
love you readers! <333333333


  1. You look loveliest when you're smiling Shermin-chan! <3

    1. To liz: thank you! <3333333 :p

      hehehe.. you are lovely too <333

  2. Keep strong! Everything will turn out right!
    Hehe, those cute things from Despicable Me! >w<
    Thank you for the drama recommendation - I'm searching for a new one!

    1. To josephine: Thanks sweetie pie <3 yea! i really really adore those cute little things from Despicable me!! >.< Super cute!! And yea do watch hate to lose/ can't lose i really enjoy this drama!! :D hehheheh