Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Picking up pieces.. X Super barbie rose black lense review!!


Gonna get my lazy ass to continue to do my project T~T
today i went on an outing with one of my bestie!! :P with twinie tagging along too!! <33
 So took a couple of pics today as i was trying out a new make today as well!! :D
So today i am gonna do a review on my current lenses too!!
Design: Very natural since it is black! And i really adore the rose design inside here too! <3
Diameter/ Enlarging effect:  14.2mm only...
Cost: Affordable :)
Packaging: 1/5 i really hate opening these lenses bottle so fragile and hard to open!! >.< Damm!
Comfort level: 5/5 Very comfortable, suitable for long hours wear too!! :)
Below are some picas with me wearing this lense!
 FYI: my eyes 100% no edit here!!
And Twinie bought this for me today!! hurhur :)

Hopefully, this facial scrub works for me :) and no breakouts :p

And i bought a pair of boots too so will post a pic of it soon too!! <33

xoxo Shermin <33333

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