Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lazy sunday X Dollywink no. 15 review!!

hi guys, how do you all spend your sunday???

well,  this post is just about how i spend my sunday usually :D

i like to laze around, go out with my family to eat, watch some k dramas and play computer games if not do some homework too :D
hehheheh ..

pretty mundane but i kind of like it too, no problems, no arguements peace and everything, i dont like to think much too these days as i will cry when i am alone sometimes :(

So what computer games do i play today??
hehhe i just played some cute games from

my most favourite

feel like i am cooking nice foods here yum yum!! :p

i so wanna watch Fashion king because Yuri is inside >.< but i kind of keep forgetting >.<
and i also wanna watch a k drama where donghae is inside too but i forget the title already >.<
will search it soon and i wanna watch despicable me one online too... so many things i wanna watch (#O.O#)
Meanwhile let me do a short review on Dollywink no.15 (NEW!!) recently available in my country <33
So here is my rating 4/5
texture: very fine and smooth
length and width: just nice! not too short or long!! ^.^
reusability: if handled with care can last quite long ^.^
price: 2/5 so costly T.T
Packaging: the most nice among all other designs of the other packaging so sweet and so natural ! *.*
When wore it is super natural!!! Especially since it is partial lash too :D
Easy to wear too :D will not come out easily too ! Very very suitable for light makeup and daily makeup!!
PS: people went to hide this and i found it hhehe lucky me!!!
and it is sold out in some places for this design woa...

Closer view!!

So that is all for now!! :D
byebye <3333

keep visiting me <333333


  1. ooh, i need a new pair of lashes! >w<
    hehe, uh, the drama with donghae - maybe Panda and Hedgehog? Or Skip Beat??? ^^ He's so coot. One of my favourites of Super Junior! >w<

  2. To josephine: Wah then you should try out those fabby gyaru lashes like dollywink, eyeamazing and jumily!! :D And yes! it is the panda and hedgedog!! Thanks!!!! :D Yea, donghae is so good looking!! <33 and same same he is one of my fav in SJ too!! hhehehehe :p

  3. Oh wow, those lashes are great on you :)

    1. To liz: hurhur thanks a lot sweetie <33 Hugs**